Key Mailing Lists / Forums

Wine has many mailing lists and forums. Here are the most useful ones for users:

Please don't create another English language Wine forum (except perhaps a Wine area in a popular distro's main forum).

If you know of another active Wine forum - especially a non-English one - please let us know so we can add it to the list. (Email to would do.)

All WineHQ Mailing Lists

WineHQ has mailing lists for submitting patches, tracking Git commits, and discussing Wine. They feature a very customizable user subscription config, and can be subscribed to via WWW or by sending mail to <listname> with a subject line of "subscribe". To unsubscribe, use a subject line of "unsubscribe <password>" using the password you got when you subscribed, or just use the Mailman web interface.

Note: You should be subscribed to the lists before you post to them, otherwise your posting will be treated as possible spam by the mailing list software.